Samsung Galaxy Fold did not cope with the flexion test

Samsung Galaxy Fold goes on sale. The iconic and innovative smartphone has been developed for several years – by the best specialists and engineers. The main task that confronted them was to ensure high reliability and trouble-free operation.

The company claims that they took the Galaxy Fold very seriously and passed various tests to verify durability and strength.

Samsung Galaxy Fold did not cope with the flexion test

Earlier, as part of a promotional campaign, Samsung showed a video with the process of testing devices on a special stand that provides multiple cycles of opening and folding the smartphone. The manufacturer declares that the smartphone will survive 200 thousand cycles of opening and closing.

The CNET Resource team launched a live Galaxy Fold test to see if Samsung’s statement is true. To carry out it, they resorted to the help of a special robotic installation.

After a little more than 120 thousand cycles of flexion and extension of the smartphone, it failed. The screen on the outside continued to work, but one half of the flexible matrix stopped showing the image.

If we assume that the user will open and close the smartphone daily 100 times, then the articulated mechanism should provide at least 3 years of trouble-free operation.


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Samsung Galaxy Fold tested for durability and reliability

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