Rumors about Apple's future updates

Information about future developments of leading high-tech companies constantly attract well-known insiders who are in a hurry to uncover the secrets of engineering laboratories of mass brands before the official release. One of these insiders, hiding on Twitter under the nickname @ L0vetodream, recently posted new forecasts for future Apple products.

Some of the information provided by the insider was already known to the community. This and many times discussed information about the future presentation of the four models of the iPhone 12 series, and information about the on-ear modular headphones Apple. In addition, information about a lightweight version of the HomePod Lite smart column and compact AirTag trackers has already appeared on the network.

However, there is exclusive information that first appeared on Twitter @ L0vetodream. According to an insider, the new iPad Air tablet will integrate a fingerprint scanner and use the Mini-LED backlight. At the same time, the Face ID scanner is not provided in the tablet at this stage.

He also informed @ L0vetodream about the 12-inch MacBook with an ARM processor expected to be released in the next 1-2 years. The news was also about the creation of a game controller oriented to use the Apple Arcade game service and the plans of the company's engineers to release a new Apple TV set-top box.

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