Resellers Sell Samsung Galaxy Fold Expensively

In early September, Samsung began selling folding Galaxy Fold, the output of which was postponed repeatedly. The company promises that all the flaws are fixed and the first 1000 customers were able to get the smartphone. But the geography of sales is limited only to South Korea and they ask about $ 2000 for the device.

Tomorrow Samsung Galaxy Fold should appear in the markets of other countries, but especially impatient and not poor users can get it now. Entrepreneurial Chinese speculators, who were among the first to buy a folding smartphone, will come to the rescue.

Resellers sell Samsung Galaxy Fold at a high price - photo 1

For $ 4865, they are ready to resell an innovative mobile phone. Such a high price tag is due to the hype that reigned around the Galaxy Fold and a limited batch of devices.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy Fold was introduced in February and at that time the company promised to start selling it at the end of April. As a result, the start of sales had to be postponed due to the fact that after the first tests and reviews of the smartphone, it began to break.

Someone began to fail the screen due to particles of debris trapped inside the hinge mechanism, and some journalists even decided that the protective film on the display was an unnecessary thing and began to remove it.

Samsung decided not to risk its reputation and postponed the start of sales. A pause was needed in order to fix all the flaws. The shortcomings have been eliminated, and we are expecting the first reviews that will tell what kind of “beast” this has turned out for the company and how reliable it is.

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