Realme will have its own wireless headphones

Now the wireless headset is in high esteem and many companies have taken up their release. Realme is also planning to enter the Bluetooth headphone market, which has managed to achieve decent performance over the past 1.5 years.

It was reported that the new product will be called Realme Youth Buds and the company abandoned the idea of ​​releasing an AirPods clone. It will be an in-ear headset in bright colors. A bright yellow color gives the headset a striking effect, and the company clearly wanted to highlight its product with this color scheme.

The debut of Realme Youth Buds should take place this month and is called the announcement date on November 20. At first, the novelty will be presented to those who purchase a Realme smartphone. So, they promise to give the headphones in the Philippines to everyone who orders a Realme X2 Pro smartphone by November 8th. In this country, the headset was estimated at $ 70, but how many will be requested for it in other markets is not known.

Realme will have its own wireless headphones

As well as no understanding of what characteristics will receive Realme Youth Buds. It remains to wait for their announcement to evaluate the first efforts of the company in creating a wireless headset. There is no doubt that the novelty will compete, first of all, with analogues from Xiaomi and Redmi, but here you can not do without a low price tag.


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