Owners of Android-devices faced another trojan

Today, Android device users are threatened by a new trojan called xHelper. At risk are owners of Android devices in Russia, India and the United States. According to Symantec’s cybersecurity experts, malware infects an average of 131 devices every day, and about 2.5 thousand victims per month.

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The malware was first detected in March this year, and at the moment more than 45 thousand gadgets are infected. The source of infection is sites that redirect users to pages with the loading of Android applications. It is the code hidden in the utility that infects devices with the xHelper trojan. The fact that the device is infected is indicated by an intrusive demonstration of advertising banners and spam notifications.

Owners of Android-devices faced another trojan

The good news is that the Trojan itself is not destructive, does not collect confidential information and is not involved in the theft of funds. The bad news is that removing xHelper in the usual way will fail.

Even a complete reset to the factory settings does not help get rid of the malware. Removing the xHelper service and disabling the ability to install applications from unknown sources does not lead to the desired result. Why the trojan is so tenacious, experts cannot explain.

But there are users who claim that they managed to deal with xHelper and remove it from the device. And paid antivirus programs helped in this. But there is no evidence that as a result of the “treatment” the installation file with the trojan was deleted.

Symantec experts warn that malware constantly infects more and more devices. For their part, they recommend constantly updating the software of Android devices and not downloading applications outside the Play Store.

Source: gizchina.com

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