Oppo patents smartphone with flip camera

Smartphone ASUS Zenfone 6 is one of the flagship devices that are worth considering for those who do not have a flagship budget. It has not only impressive features, but also an updated ZenUI proprietary interface, which received a lot of praise from experts for offering the experience of almost “clean” Android, while having some pretty useful additional settings. However, the main feature of the phone is its unique motorized dual rear flip camera, which is able to rotate in such a way as to replace the front camera.

Oppo patents smartphone with flip camera

Of course, this design has its drawbacks, but we still expected that other manufacturers would pick up this idea and copy this design. There was even a leak that showed a similar device, but born in a collaboration between Meitu and Xiaomi, where 3 cameras were located on a similar flip right away. We all know how it ended. Xiaomi Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e have nothing similar.

Oppo patented a smartphone with a flip camera - photo 2

However, another Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, apparently seriously believed in the promise of such an implementation. As it became known recently, OPPO is already developing such a device. The patent, which was filed with the World Intellectual Property Office, shows that the device has a display without a cutout or hole, and very thin frames around the display on the front panel. On the back side of the flip is a dual camera with an LED flash that separates both sensors.

There is no fingerprint scanner on the rear panel, which indirectly indicates that this sensor will be located under the display. However, it is not yet clear whether OPPO will release a commercial product based on this design.

Source: gizmochina.com

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