OnePlus may release its first smart watch

The company OnePlus, which until recently only released smartphones, recently entered the smart TV market. The manufacturer intends to further expand the product line of its devices and the next niche, where he will try his hand, will be a smart watch.

OnePlus may release its first smart watch - photo 1

It is expected that the new product will be called OnePlus Watch and it can be presented simultaneously with the announcement of the OnePlus 8 family.

The company itself currently does not comment on rumors about the release of its own smart watches, but insiders are confident that the new product will be released and even showed its schematic image.

Sketches of what the OnePlus wearable gadget might look like have been taken from Internet archives. If they reflect what the company's smart watches can be, then they should get a round display and a leather strap.

This is not the first rumor that OnePlus will release its wearable gadget. Five years ago, in 2014, rumors appeared on the network that the company wanted to try their hand at creating smart watches.

OnePlus may release its first smart watch

But, as time has shown, things have not progressed beyond conversations, and at the moment there is no exact information about plans. OnePlus will release a new product for itself. We just have to watch the events and wait for the official comments of the manufacturer regarding the prospects for the release of a wearable gadget.


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