ODM manufacturers will begin to produce mid-level smartphones LG

Not having achieved much success in the Chinese market, Samsung closed its own factories in this country. Instead, it was decided to increase the number of smartphones produced by ODM-manufacturers under outsourcing conditions. Next year, 20% of all Samsung smartphones are expected to be collected by Chinese companies.

ODM manufacturers will begin to produce mid-level smartphones LG

LG plans to take the same path. Amid falling sales and demand, the company has already transferred the production of budget devices to Chinese ODM manufacturers. Now, factories in China will begin to assemble models of the middle price segment.

Such a move, according to the idea of ​​LG, should allow reducing the cost of manufacturing smartphones, increasing the competitiveness of products by reducing costs and optimizing production space.

ODM – contract manufacturing of products with a unique design or some of their own characteristics. The customer provides a sketch of the model, and all the necessary preparatory work to launch production and the assembly process itself rests with the Chinese contractor.

In the future, LG will bet on 5G. Now she is working with Qualcomm to bring several 5G smartphones to the market, and this is not only about flagship devices. The South Korean company plans to offer support for fifth-generation networks in mid-range mobile phones.

Source: gizmochina.com

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