New iPhone and Android hacking tool with iCloud and Google Drive

The Israeli company Cellebrite, which has a wealth of experience in developing the most advanced and sophisticated tools for hacking smartphones that we have ever seen, has significantly increased the rate. According to the Financial Times report, they are selling an updated version of their famous tool Pegasus, which can now access not only information stored on an iPhone or Android device, but also information stored in the cloud.

New iPhone and Android hacking tool with iCloud and Google Drive - photo 1

100% full data access

Among other things, Pegasus is quite suitable for covert monitoring of all types of information and processes on the device, including text messages, emails, location data, browsing history, phone calls, photos, and more. In addition, Pegasus is so advanced that it can be installed on the target device completely unnoticed – just by clicking on the link in the SMS message.

With regard to the new features of Pegasus, the Financial Times notes that the software can now collect data "from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft servers." The new version also copies the authentication keys of services such as Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and iCloud on an infected smartphone. Therefore, Pegasus can access stored photos, messages, and even location data from various third-party services. This provides open access to the cloud data of such applications, even without the need for two-step authorization or email warning.

New iPhone and Android hacking tool with iCloud and Google Drive - photo 2

How much is the real threat?

It should be said that Pegasus is an expensive tool that will cost millions of dollars and, as a result, is mainly intended for governments and special services. A spokesman for Apple said in his response, “Although there may be some expensive tools to carry out targeted attacks on a very small number of devices, we do not believe that they can be used for large-scale attacks on consumers.” Indeed, the Pegasus project is not something that most iOS or Android users need to worry about, but it emphasizes how seemingly protected the data can be if some of the most advanced spywares are targeting them.


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