Kirin chips may appear in third-party products

When MediaTek chips began to graze the rear, and Qualcomm was not very willing to sell them to the Chinese, Huawei set about designing its mobile processors so as not to depend on outside corporations. The first single-chip systems were extremely slow and gluttonous, but now the company has brought its skills to the level to challenge Samsung and Qualcomm.

Kirin chips may appear in third-party products

For a long time, the company professes one principle – branded Kirin chips are only for themselves, no sales to third-party companies. Huawei has repeatedly stated that its processors are unique solutions and are a competitive advantage over other manufacturers.

But perhaps in the future, the company will change its mind and begin to supply Kirin to the side. True, they will be designed to create the "Internet of things." At this stage, the company is only considering the possibility of supplying its proprietary chips.

branded Kirin chips in other smartphones

In addition, the head of the Huawei mobile division, Richard Yu, said that if, due to sanctions, they do not gain access to Google services, then they can switch to installing Harmony OS on their devices.

Chips Kirin in other smartphones

According to him, the proprietary OS is almost ready, but its use is not a priority. The first smartphone with Harmony OS may be the Huawei P40, which will debut in March 2020.


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