JBL customizes the look of its devices

Each manufacturer tries to draw attention to their products in their own way. Xiaomi produces limited editions of smartphones dedicated to the release of films, Apple buys a place for product placement in almost all modern series, so that a potential buyer accurately draws attention to the new iPhone. But JBL found his own, very cute, way to attract new users of his speakers and headphones – to place his image on a fresh model of the company.

JBL customizes the look of its devices

If you go to JBL.com/personalize, you will have the opportunity to purchase three different models of portable Bluetooth speakers or three models of Bluetooth headphones. Available models include Flip 5, Go 2, Clip 3, Live 400BT, Live 500BT, and Live 650BTNC. The company is committed to sending custom-made devices within 5-7 business days to everyone who lives in the United States starting November 1.

A present with your face

Personalization of these products includes the choice of model and color of the case and your photo or templates presented on the company's website. Most likely, many interested people will want to be creative in choosing the appearance of their new columns, but you, dear readers, will have to hold on a little to your enthusiasm. JBL has provided a fairly wide and accurate list of rules regarding what you can print, so don't be surprised if your image is rejected.

So, here are some examples of images that you definitely won’t be able to use:

Any image you do not have rights to
Content Containing Other Trademarks or Copyrighted Materials
Photos of minor children who are not your relatives
Professional, student or senior school sports logos or mascots
Explicit or pornographic material.

Price tag – not budget

Therefore, if you were hoping to order a portable speaker with a photo of your favorite band or, possibly, a superhero logo, nothing will come of it. JBL will closely monitor the implementation of their own requirements. Another disadvantage will be the cost of the service. At the moment, depending on the device, customization can raise the price of goods up to 60%. Given that the amount is calculated in dollars, you can imagine how much this will affect sales in our countries.

On the other hand, what other manufacturer will officially offer you a column with the image of your friends or parents? JBL believes that they have made a breakthrough in this field. By the way, the company plans to introduce this service in other countries in 2020.

Source: digitaltrends.com

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