IPhone 11 Series Scratches

Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007. Then from the stage, Steve Jobs showed a smartphone with a plastic display. After the presentation, it became obvious that the plastic screen is easily scratched and before the start of sales, Apple managed to equip its smartphone pioneer with glass on the front side in almost one month.

photo of scratched iPhone 11

It is now difficult to imagine a mobile phone without glass on the front panel and Apple among those manufacturers who pay attention to the strength of materials. So, during the presentation of the iPhone 11 family, the company did not forget to tell that the new items received the most durable glass at the moment.

Alas, practice has shown that it is still scratched and cracked. Owners of the brand new iPhone began to complain about the appearance of cracks and scratches on the facade. It is interesting that they claim that they carefully and accurately treated their devices, and also tried to do everything so that they did not come into contact with foreign objects.

IPhone 11 Series Scratches

However, the reverent attitude towards the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max did not save its front panel from a lot of scratches. Moreover, some users claim that cracks and scratches appear for no reason, and they observe their appearance on the second day of operation.

It seems that Apple has bought a defective glass shipment from Corning. The company itself currently does not comment on the situation. And those who turned to the company’s stores with complaints hear the answer that they themselves damaged the display.

Source: phonearena.com

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