IOS 13.1.2 update brings problems to iPhone owners

Apple developers continue a series of updates to the iOS operating system, designed to get rid of previous errors. However, fixing some problems, engineers bring new errors. This happened with the latest iOS 13.1.2 update, which provided iPhone users with new troubles.

Complaints from smartphone owners are recorded both on social networks and on a specialized Apple forum. Currently, several dozen messages have already been received about problems with calls, accelerated battery discharge, and even single messages about battery overheating.

After installing the iOS 13.1.2 update, there were errors associated with the reset of the call occurring within a minute after the start of the conversation, the call does not appear on the display, and the speaker and microphone mute.

The developers have not yet commented on the emerging problems. Some problems can be solved by resetting the iPhone network settings ("Settings"> "General"> "Reset"> "Reset network settings"). In addition, the next iOS 13.1.3 update is quickly released, which fixes some previous errors. Fixed an issue where there was no vibration or ringtone on the smartphone during an incoming call.

Source: zdnet. (TagsToTranslate) problems (t) errors (t) new (t) Developers (t) Apple (t) iPhone (t) which (t) are called (t) last (t) last (t) time (t ) get rid of (t) a series of (t) users (t) provided (t) an update (t) of an released (t) trouble (t) there were (t) errors

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