Instead of Samsung Galaxy S11 Galaxy One may come out

More than half a year has passed since Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 series, and more than a month ago the Galaxy Note 10 was released. On the technical side, the new flagships became, of course, more interesting than their predecessors, but some chips that could “turn the game around” "They did not offer.

Whether the successors will simply be a good update of good products or will bring some kind of innovation to the industry, there is no information. But work on new flagships is underway and it is possible that Samsung will go the way of rebranding.

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So, the well-known network informant Evan Blass announced that the company may refuse to name the Galaxy S11 in favor of the Galaxy One. He also spoke about Samsung’s desire to remove the differences between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines.

The informant did not exclude the possibility that the South Korean giant is considering combining the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices into one product family. Ideally, these devices are very similar and, perhaps, the only cardinal difference is only the stylus support.

A number of experts believe that such a merger of the two lines will be beneficial to Samsung itself. This will reduce the cost of advertising and production, and, as a result, increase the profitability of the mobile unit and help curb rising prices for new products.

Instead of Samsung Galaxy S11 Galaxy One may come out - photo 2

It is worth saying that the talk about combining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines has been going on for several years. So, last year a number of sources also predicted the merging of the lines and the release of three device modifications within the Galaxy S series, where only the top version was supposed to come with the S Pen.

As a result, Samsung acted differently. She not only did not combine the two series into one, but also took the path of increasing the number of versions within each of the lines.

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