Indian retailers intend to boycott Samsung smartphone sales

We have often heard that Samsung smartphones are popular in India and this allows it to be the second largest mobile phone provider in this country after Xiaomi. The company sells its devices through e-commerce and through retail outlets. Suddenly, retail store owners in India decided to boycott Samsung products and curtail their sales from February 11 to 13.

Indian retailers intend to boycott Samsung smartphone sales

Retailers decided to apply this method of protest in order to obtain additional preferences and achieve parity of prices for mobile devices in retail points of sale and online stores. In their view, due to Samsung’s policies, e-commerce platforms are in a better position than they are.

The problem is that the presence of exclusive deals on certain device models between Samsung and e-commerce platforms, as well as various discounts and cashbacks, lead to lower prices in online stores and a wider assortment. All this makes buying mobile devices not retail, but through e-commerce channels, while retailers suffer losses.

It is reported that over the past 5 years, Indian retailers have repeatedly sent letters to Samsung asking them to find a compromise on this issue. But the South Korean giant did not react to them in any way, so it was decided to go to the extreme measure – to stop selling smartphones for 3 days.

It is noted that companies such as Oppo, Realme and Vivo assured retailers that they would simultaneously launch sales of their devices through various channels at the same price.

The threat of a boycott had its effect and Samsung canceled the cashback when buying smartphones using the Amazon Pay digital payment service. Previously, users who purchased the device of the South Korean giant received a 5% or $ 20 discount when paying through Amazon Pay.


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