Image Vivo Apex 2020. It is spectacular, but this is only a concept

At one time, Apex appeared in order to loudly curl about Vivo. The smartphone looked like a unique and fully operational flagship that could make a noise in the ranks of premium devices. In practice, it turned out to be a device not practical with a number of disadvantages.

A new generation of Apex will be premiered at MWC 2020, which will show how ready the company is to move on and work on its own mistakes. There are practically no leaks about the new product and it remains to collect information about it bit by bit. The famous leak supplier Ben Geskin, who created his concept, decided to contribute to the image of the future flagship.

Image Vivo Apex 2020. It is spectacular, but this is only a concept

If the Vivo Apex 2020 really is like that, then the dream of a full-screen mobile phone will come true and it will be a device where the display area to the front panel is as close to 100%. The matrix itself will be curved and a fingerprint scanner will be built into it. The speaker could fit in a thin upper frame.

The back panel looks no less original. Before us is an O-shaped main camera, which received two large image sensors. The main module is 48 megapixels and to help it is given a periscope camera for 5-7.5x optical zoom. Noteworthy is the lack of LED flash, front camera and mechanical buttons.

If the future Vivo Apex 2020 will look like this, it is unlikely that it will be launched in a series. Although, perhaps, some developments will be implemented in the company's devices.


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