IFixit experts peeked inside the Apple Magic Keyboard (3 photos)

The updated Apple Magic Keyboard appealed to users who noted a significant improvement in performance. According to consumers, the comfort of working with Magic Keyboard on an iPad is comparable to the convenience of working on a full-fledged Mac.

IFixit experts examined the “inner world” of the keyboard, assessing the reasons for the high consumer qualities of the device. True, the study of the design of the keys and trackpad has not been completed, due to the restrictions imposed on the work of experts, caused by the need to comply with the rules of social self-isolation.

However, the researchers were able to evaluate the work of the trackpad, revealing that the design uses one button and a lever system that allows you to transfer force to this button when you click on any part of the trackpad.

IFixit experts peeked inside the Apple Magic Keyboard (3 photos)
To study the keys, iFixit experts used x-rays. As a result of the "shining" of the keyboard, it was confirmed that the scissor switches used by Apple Magic Keyboard replaced the unsuccessful butterfly. The keyboard also has large metal plates at the points of support of the user's palms, which ensures stabilization of the device when connected to the iPad.

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