How much does it cost to replace Samsung Galaxy Fold displays

We observe a tendency that with the release of each new flagship smartphone their maintainability worsens. The revision of the folding Samsung Galaxy Fold by iFixit lab specialists has shown that this is one of the most difficult to repair devices. Experts concluded that the maintainability level of the device was only 2 points.

what Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung looks like

It became known that when you submit your smartphone to an authorized center to replace the flexible display, the user will have to pay only $ 149. The rotation of the external screen will cost $ 139. For comparison, replacing the OnePlus 7T flagship matrix costs $ 154, Galaxy Note 10+ costs $ 279 and iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 329.

How much does it cost to replace Samsung Galaxy Fold displays

But the low price tag for replacing the display will be relevant only for those owners of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, who will purchase it before the end of this year and it will be valid for 1 year. Those who buy a folding device in 2020 will have to give up $ 599 to replace the flexible matrix. In time, this procedure will be completed within 10 days.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Fold came to Russia, and the first batch of devices as part of the pre-order was sold out completely. How much is quantified is unknown.


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