How much does it cost to replace a flexible matrix Motorola Razr

Rumors were confirmed – Motorola took and introduced the updated Razr. The company simply took the iconic clamshell and the usual screen was replaced by a flexible matrix, as well as a modern filling.

Motorola claims to have thoroughly tested the flexible display and prepared for possible problems. But I wonder how much it costs to replace a Motorola Razr screen if something happens to it.

How much does it cost to replace a flexible matrix Motorola Razr

We think that it will be unpleasant for potential owners to find out that replacing a flexible matrix will cost a lot – $ 299. If Samsung offered its first customers a reduced price tag of $ 149 for screen replacement, then Motorola does not have such a preferential offer.

However, such a relatively low cost of replacing the flexible matrix Galaxy Fold applies only to those who purchase a smartphone before the end of this year. Everyone else will have to pay $ 599.

For comparison, replacing the iPhone 11 display costs $ 199, the iPhone 11 Pro costs $ 279 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 329.

Recall that Motorola Razr received a flexible pOLED-screen with a diagonal of 6.2 inches with a resolution of 2142×876 pixels. The company claims that the display is resistant to bending and in its durability is not inferior to the matrix of an average smartphone.

When folded, the halves fit tightly against each other, and the edges of the screen at the bend are covered by a stainless steel frame that prevents dust and debris from getting inside.


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