How do you like the idea to release Redmi Watch?

Despite the fact that Xiaomi has a wide portfolio of various products, until yesterday it did not have a smart watch under its own brand. Someone may object and name the Amazfit watch, but they were produced by partners of the company, but not by itself. And yesterday the Xiaomi Mi Watch premiered.

Will the “small smartphone on the wrist” become a bestseller, time will tell. The company itself makes a serious bet on it and plans to continue producing wearable electronics, but will attract its own “daughter” Redmi for this business.

How do you like the idea to release Redmi Watch?

Many hinted at the appearance of Redmi Watch in the words of the head of Xiaomi sub-brand Liu Weibing. He decided to ask fans of the brand their opinion on the new Xiaomi Mi Watch smart watch, and also asked if they were waiting for a Redmi smart watch.

Such interest can be far from idle, and Xiaomi's “daughter” is preparing its smart watch. So, Liu Weibing had already conducted a survey on whether they should release a television and soon this product debuted.

When the premiere of Redmi Watch may take place is unknown. But we dare to assume that this year they will not debut, so as not to compete with the Xiaomi Mi Watch. However, Xiaomi has repeatedly made not quite logical maneuvers in terms of the release of new products, so it may have its own vision of the development of the product line.


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