Google is preparing to release a wireless headset Pixel Buds 2

In 2017, Google released its Pixel Buds wireless headphones for $ 159, which were aimed at competing with Apple AirPods. The company promised high-quality sound and increased comfort when using them. But in the end, the wireless headset disappointed, it was largely inferior to the competitor.

Despite this, Google plans to introduce the second generation of wireless headphones – Pixel Buds 2. Their announcement is expected on October 15, when the premiere of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones will take place. On the same day, they must present the Nest Mini smart speaker, the updated Pixelbook Go and Wi-Fi Nest.

Google is preparing to release a wireless headset Pixel Buds 2

About the characteristics of Google Pixel Buds 2 is not known. There is only the assumption that they will receive a completely wireless design and will not differ much from other similar headsets. Although, Google has been repeatedly seen behind the release of devices whose appearance can be described as an "amateur".

The headset will almost certainly offer support for the Google Assistant voice assistant. Do not wait for the fact that the new product will be available. The company has long been working with a focus on Apple's pricing policy, which means that Pixel Buds 2 will not be cheap.


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