Google introduced a redesign of its "Maps"

A few days ago, Google introduced a completely new design for its Maps app in honor of the app’s 15th anniversary. The redesign is designed to offer a simpler and more intuitive interface, and the most important change is the upgrade of the lower menu. Google has removed several items from the bottom menu, replacing it with three tabs.

Google introduced a redesign of its "Maps" - photo 1

As it turned out, the redesign of the Google Maps interface was not good enough, and the company is making another important change to the bottom menu.

The name of the Commute tab has been changed to the much simpler Go, which should better explain its purpose. This bookmark should be used to navigate the city, regardless of whether you are going to work or just going on the road.

Google introduced a redesign of its “Maps” - photo 2

Not only the name of the tab has changed. The icon was also redesigned to make it clear to the user that the menu is intended not only for trips to and from work. The home and office icon has been replaced by the icon that shows the car and the railway.

Google introduced a redesign of its “Maps” - photo 3

By clicking on the "Start" menu, the destination is displayed by default, which includes shortcuts for home, work and other places. The “Routes” tab is also displayed at the top. Some Google Maps users have also found additional menu items, including Line, Stations, and Stop.

Google is still experimenting with a new menu. You may not have received an updated version of the user interface, but most likely it will appear on all iOS and Android smartphones soon.


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