Google discontinues support for Pixel and Pixel XL

It was reported that Google is ceasing support for the first generation of Pixel-backgrounds. The other day, the company began distributing the November security patch, which bypassed the first Google Pixel.

The company confirmed that it is completing software support for its first Pixel series smartphones, and the final point will be set in December with the latest update. The update should bring with it important changes and additions. What kind of innovations these will be, there is no specifics.

Actually, nothing extraordinary has happened. Three years ago, during the release of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, the company promised two years of guaranteed updates to the current versions of Android and three years of security patches.

Google discontinues support for Pixel and Pixel XL

The deadline has expired and now the first-generation Pixel-backgrounds will not receive anything new. Google already pampered the owners of Pixel and Pixel XL with the advent of Android 10, thereby increasing the support period by one year.

Now the company is faced with the task of bringing to mind the fourth-generation Pixel-backgrounds, which turned out to be problematic. It is necessary to bring to mind the safety of the smartphone in terms of introducing a ban on unlocking the smartphone with closed eyes, and it is also necessary to offer stable 90 Hz screen operation without falling frequencies with a decrease in brightness.


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