Google Assistant will get a new interface

Apparently, Google is testing the new design of its corporate assistant. This observation was shared by a user from Brazil. The young man posted several screenshots and videos of the updated Google Assistant application on his Twitter account. Based on these data, you can make an approximate portrait of the changes in the functionality of the "digital assistant".

Google Assistant will get a new interface - photo 1

Now everything is in order

A personalized greeting and profile avatar are in the usual place, but in the new version they look slightly smaller to make room for more urgent information. The most important difference can be considered a change in personalized tape – now the plans are set in chronological order. In the screenshots shared by the user, the Google Assistant shows primarily items related to today, for example, Weather. When watching a video, you can see that the Weather widget shows detailed data and a forecast for the future (hourly weather forecast, weather for tomorrow, this week, this weekend, etc.).

All the most important thing – in one place

The sections for Next Week and Next Month are shown below. Depending on how your calendar is filled, the Assistant will build the most concise and understandable list of immediate plans and meetings. In the presented screenshots, you can see only calendar events, however, most likely, in the stable version you can see other materials, for example, upcoming flights and brief information from your mailbox. Perhaps Google will provide a place for customization.

Google Assistant will get a new interface - photo 2

As you can understand, the update is still at the alpha testing stage, which makes it impossible to understand in what form the Assistant will appear for the general public. Perhaps, before the release of the update on the Play Market, Google will make adjustments to the design, add new features, and hone the artificial intelligence of the Assistant. It remains to wait for the public release and hope to improve the usual functionality.

Google Assistant will get a new interface - photo 3


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