Google artificially lowers the brightness level in its flagships

As you know, trouble does not come alone. Pixel 4 users have already experienced this belief on their own. At first, everyone noted that the smartphone’s autonomy is too weak. After the owners of the device found that the display, which should work at a frequency of 90 Hz, at a brightness of less than 75% shows already 60 Hz. Now, craftsmen from the XDA forum have found another minus of the device.

Someone tricked us

Google artificially lowers the brightness level in its flagships - photo 1

The editor of the famous forum, Mishaal Rahman, found that the maximum brightness of Google Pixel 4 is only about 450 nits. This is much lower than other flagships in 2019; Most phones in this price range have a brightness of more than 600-700 nits.

He noted that the “flagship” display of the smartphone from Google is not bright enough for use under the bright sun, which, of course, you do not expect from the device for such an amount of money. So why did Google decide to put up a display with such a low brightness?

We wanted the best

The fact is that, in fact, the screen on the Pixel 4 is as high-quality as that of other flagships from A-brands. The whole snag in the software. Google limited the brightness of the display to save battery power – the fourth-generation Pixel comes with a battery capacity of only 2800 mAh. Given the volume of batteries in competitors' products, this is, frankly, a very weak indicator. Even Apple thought better of it and released this year's iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 3084 mAh battery.

Google artificially lowers the brightness level in its flagships - photo 2

A software restriction set by Google becomes apparent when playing HDR video. The smartphone works at full brightness, demonstrating the best possible dynamic range, and when you finish watching the video, the display returns to a "meager" 450 nits.

Google artificially lowers the brightness level in its flagships - photo 3

Naturally, playful, but skillful hands will help to set the brightness indicators to the maximum. To do this, you will need, as always, to get root rights, which, however, will void the warranty. You can increase the brightness up to 610 nits, but do not expect that viewing the content will be a pleasant experience for you – you can use the phone only with an outlet nearby.


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