Google Anti-Virus blocked one of Xiaomi applications

In an attempt to reduce the cost of its smartphones and still make money on them, Xiaomi has relied on advertising. As a result, the company began installing stock applications on its devices that filled in annoying advertisements.

Google Anti-Virus blocked one of Xiaomi applications - photo 1

What happened

Unexpectedly, the new version of the Mi Quick Apps utility was blocked by the Google Play Protect antivirus, which suspected it of tracking and collecting user data. As a result, users were unable to install the Mi Quick Apps update.

It is worth saying that this utility is not included in the catalog of Google Play programs. It is installed on smartphones by the manufacturer independently. The service was blocked while trying to download it from the developer server.

Google Anti-Virus blocked one of Xiaomi applications

The reason is the discovery of a large number of requested permissions from the system, as well as the collection of information, which is then sent to the company's servers. Google Play Protect suspected that through Mi Quick Apps, the manufacturer is monitoring users. It is interesting that the application itself has been distributed on smartphones since 2018, but only now it saw a drain of user data.

Xiaomi reaction

Google currently does not comment on the situation, and Xiaomi has already responded to it. In particular, it was said that she was aware of the blocking of Google Play Protect update Mi Quick Apps. Her experts contacted Google to resolve this issue. Among the possible reasons for blocking Xiaomi called changes in the algorithm of Google Play Protect. The company did not forget to assure that the application is completely safe.


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