Garther: smartphone sales are declining

If you rely on the report of Garther analysts, according to the results of this year, the drop in the smartphone market will amount to 3.2%. According to the results of the current year, sales of mobile devices are expected to amount to 1.743 million handsets compared to 1.813 million a year earlier. Thus, 2019 will show a record decline in the smartphone market, starting in 2007, when the first iPhone saw the light.

According to analysts, the reason for this fall was that consumers began to use their handsets longer, taking into account the fact that new models do not carry any significant innovations.

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Specialists draw attention to the fact that premium smartphones in terms of quality and technical characteristics have reached such a high level when users do not see the practical reason to change them every two years.

Analysts also predict that large vendors will actively invest in the development of 5G. So, according to their calculations, the share of 5G ‑ smartphones in 2020 will be 10% and by 2023 it will increase to 56%.

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True, the fifth generation networks will not be deployed at the same pace and in the next five years, less than half of telecommunication operators will switch to using 5G networks. However, 5G will be the factor that will spur the smartphone market to grow by 2.9% in 2020.

Source: gartner

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