Flyme 8 promises next week

To improve the position of Meizu in the smartphone market, it needs to present a good and strong offer. Moreover, this applies equally to both the hardware solution and the software product.

Perhaps, in terms of software, positive changes will occur, and this will happen in the very near future.

Flyme 8 is promised to be released next week - photo 1

The network already had a lot of predictions about when to wait for a new version of the proprietary shell – Flyme 8. If they came true, then we would see a new reading of the firmware last month. But this did not happen and now we are oriented on August 13, as on the date of the announcement of Flyme 8.

The poster accompanies this information, but how authentic it is is difficult to judge. Previously, there were reports on the network that in the third quarter the company would begin open beta testing of the shell. Perhaps the release of the public beta version of Flyme 8 will be due on August 13.

Flyme 8 promised to be released next week - photo 2

The company itself had previously confirmed that work on Flyme 8 was ongoing, but preferred not to make promises regarding the timing of its release. As specifics did not come from it and in terms of what changes and innovations are planned to be implemented.

The company limited itself to template promises that Flyme 8 will work faster, more stable and smoother, and they will also not forget to make it even “smarter” thanks to artificial intelligence.


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