Facebook allowed outsiders to listen to voice messages in instant messengers

Another scandal erupted around Facebook, the main topic of which was the privacy of users. It turned out that the company hired third-party contractors who were involved in decoding audio messages from users of Facebook services. Information about this was shared by Bloomberg, citing informed sources.

Facebook allowed outsiders to listen to voice messages in instant messengers

Deciphers claim that they were ignorant and were not aware who and when made the notes, how Facebook got access to them and for what purpose it needs to decrypt voice messages.

They listened to the message and their duties included transcribing the audio into text, as well as checking the correctness and accuracy of the interpretation of the test by artificial intelligence.

Facebook confirmed that it had ordered transcripts of sound recordings and this was common practice, but stopped doing so a week ago. In addition, according to the company, users themselves agreed to decrypt voice messages by selecting the appropriate option in the Messenger application.

Despite the Facebook statement, some believe the company acted at least not ethically, allowing outsiders to listen to confidential messages, and also question the legitimacy of decoding the sound recordings.

Source: noticiasrtv.com

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