Ericsson vs Xiaomi: patent battle is over

Xiaomi and Ericsson have completed a patent dispute over a five-year period over the illegal use by a Chinese company of a number of patents owned by the Swedish telecommunications giant.

Both manufacturers buried the ax of war and signed a bilateral licensing agreement, thereby ending the litigation. Information on the terms of the agreement was not disclosed.

Ericsson vs Xiaomi: patent battle is over

The dispute itself arose in 2014 and for the protection of its intellectual property, Ericsson filed a lawsuit in the High Court of India in Delhi. Having examined the case, themis found Xiaomi guilty of violating eight patents, which are the exclusive intellectual property of the Swedish company. The court banned a Chinese company from selling a number of its devices in India.

Xiaomi later managed to obtain a temporary permit for the sale of smartphones based on Qualcomm chips. In particular, it was a question of the Redmi 1S model, and the Chinese company had to deposit $ 1.41 from each sold mobile phone into the court’s deposit account.

In 2015, Ericsson confirmed that its position in the dispute with Xiaomi remains unchanged and the court continues to review the case of patent infringement. And she insists that the Chinese company, like other manufacturers, is obliged to conclude a license agreement that gives the right to use patents owned by the Swedish giant.

At the beginning of 2018, it was reported that the parties were able to reach a compromise in the dispute, but six months later Ericsson announced that the lawsuit to review her lawsuit against Xiaomi was ongoing.


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