Donald Trump will not leave the world without a “cheap” iPhone and all because of Samsung

Lobbying is a common practice in many countries of the world. Only somewhere is this type of activity regulated by law, but somewhere it is chaotic and is identified with corruption. In civilized countries, lobbyists defend the interests of various non-governmental organizations, communities and companies in government bodies to achieve certain goals.

What is Apple's interest

Apple is among those companies that actively use lobbying to achieve their own goals and spend millions of dollars on it. Not so long ago, the company hired one of the lobbyists close to the US president in order to help him solve the "trade problems associated with technological goods and services."

Experts believe that the purpose of this cooperation is not to include Apple products in the list of goods from China, which will increase the import duty to 25%. Such a tax will be the result of an ongoing trade war with the Celestial Empire.

Donald Trump will not leave the world without a “cheap” iPhone and all because of Samsung

Now the Cupertino group pays 10% tax in state revenue. With its increase, the company will have to increase the cost of its products, and this will negatively affect demand.

Lobbyist fulfilling Apple's investments?

It seems that the lobbyist is working out his money and the aspirations of Apple are destined to come true. So, yesterday, Donald Trump visited one of the company's factories and following the tour, he announced that he was ready to consider not including Apple products in the list of goods with a 25 percent duty.

The US president confirmed that they discussed this issue with Tim Cook, the head of Apple lucidly explained his position. One of the reasons is the competition with Samsung. According to Donald Trump, this is a great company, and there is a trade agreement between the United States and South Korea, under which Samsung does not pay a fee.

Donald Trump believes that they should treat Apple as well as Samsung. And this means that it would be unfair if the Cupertino concern finds itself in an obviously disadvantageous position than its main competitor.


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