Donald Trump disappointed with Face ID on new iPhone

On Friday, October 25, through his official Twitter account, Donald Trump spoke about Apple's engineering findings.

The president knows best

Trump knows best

If it seems to you that the news is a little late, then it is not in us – the president was late. Apparently, Trump has long accumulated irritation from the “new” technology of the giant from Cupertino, and decided, in his usual manner, to express dissatisfaction directly with the CEO of the company Tim Cook.

“Tim: the button on the iPhone was MUCH more convenient than swipe” – said Donald Trump with a noticeable mental pain

Donald Trump disappointed with Face ID on new iPhone - photo 2

Apparently, the US president only recently was able to evaluate the "new" from Apple, which came to replace the famous Touch ID. Given Trump's clear interest in developing the country's domestic market (recall the imposed sanctions on the long-suffering Huawei and ZTE), it is not entirely clear why the president was only interested in the issue of unlocking now.

Apple's biggest fan

Trump is known for his great love for Apple products, having at his disposal, according to rumors, three models of the company's smartphones, two of which were specially modified by the US National Security Agency. Unfortunately, it is not known which models the president uses, but it can be assumed that until recently, Trump relied on the "classics" of the company.

One way or another, the Trump administration, apparently, will have to return the previous iPhone 8 to it, so as not to upset him at the end. But Apple will have to think about how to place a fingerprint scanner under the display, as many fans of the brand were waiting for before the presentation of the new generation of smartphones in 2019.

Donald Trump disappointed with Face ID on new iPhone - photo 3

Introduced in September 2017, Face ID is a sophisticated face recognition technology based on several sensors embedded in a special hole in iPhone displays, starting with the iconic iPhone X. According to Apple, their technology is a much more advanced and secure unlock method than familiar and “outdated” fingerprint scanner.


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