China's market is less and less loyal to Samsung

If Samsung is a leader in the global smartphone market, then in China everything is developing exactly the opposite – it is an outsider. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their position – every day, Chinese consumers prefer products from other manufacturers.

According to the results of the second quarter of this year, manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom dominate the domestic market. So, the leader is Huawei, which controls 37.3% of the market share.

China's market is less and less loyal to Samsung

It is the domestic market that helps this company survive the difficult times of persecution by the United States. Oppo came in second with a market share of 19.7%, followed by Vivo – 18.5%. Xiaomi company managed to get 12% of the Celestial market.

The share of Samsung smartphones is not only much lower, but also reduced from year to year against the background of an increase in the share of Chinese manufacturers. Over the past quarter, the company supplied about 700 thousand pipes to the Celestial Empire market and this allowed it to occupy only 0.7% of the market share. Whereas it shipped almost 76 million devices to the world market and occupied 22.3% of the market.

For comparison, in 2016 Samsung's share in the Chinese market was 4.9%, and in 2017 it fell to 2.1%, and in 2018 – 1%.


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