Canalys: Samsung's market share in Europe is 40.6%

According to the analytical company Canalys, Samsung manages to maintain its leadership position in the European smartphone market. Experts estimate that 40.6% of mobile devices shipped to European countries in the second quarter of this year came from Samsung devices.

Canalys: Samsung 40.6% of the market

And this is the best indicator of the company over the past five years. On an annualized basis, the increase was 20%.

Samsung owes its success primarily to the smartphones of the Galaxy A family. So, in three months the company managed to sell about 12 million handsets of this series, and the Galaxy A50 model with the result of 3.2 million sold devices became the leader.

The increase in the share was also recorded for Xiaomi, which controls 9.6% of the European market share and this is 1.4% more than a year earlier. And on an annualized basis, growth was 48%. The most popular smartphone was Redmi Note 7, which sold 2 million units in Europe.

Canalys: Samsung's market share in Europe is 40.6%

Huawei came in second with the result of 8.5 million smartphones delivered, which is 1.6 million less than the same period last year.

US sanctions affected sales of Huawei mobile phones, and European consumers began to abandon the purchase of devices from this manufacturer.

Apple also managed to get into the top three, the supply of products of which sank 17% year on year. The total assets of the concern from Cupertino are 6.4 million smartphones delivered, compared to 7.7 million a year earlier.


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