Bug in Apple Watch allows you to listen to other people's conversations (3 photos)

Bug in Apple Watch allows you to listen to other people's conversations (3 photos)
One of the popular applications in the Apple Watch smart watch was disabled due to a vulnerability detection. The “Walkie-talkie” feature allowed smart watch owners to communicate with each other according to the principle used in traditional walkie-talkies. This application first appeared in watchOS 5.

However, during the operation, an error was identified that allowed listening to conversations on extraneous iPhones. Technical details of the identified vulnerabilities are not disclosed. Apple experts said that special conditions are needed to exploit the vulnerability. Currently, there is no information on the use of developer flaws for criminal purposes. The application "Radio" remains on the gadgets of users in a deactivated state, and the resumption of work is not reported.

Despite Apple’s numerous claims that its devices are the safest in the world, users are constantly finding vulnerabilities in the mall or software. So just a few months ago, the company fixed a vulnerability in FaceTime, which also allowed to listen to extraneous conversations. Some time later, a problem was discovered in a third-party application for video calls Zoom, which allowed unauthorized video cameras to be turned on on gadgets running macOS. Apple has independently removed the Zoom application from user devices.

Source: techcrunch.com. (TagsToTranslate) Apple (t) allowed (t) vulnerabilities (t) smart (t) application (t) which (t) “Radio” (t) time (t) to listen (t) traditional (t ) conversations (t) gadgets (t) applications (t) revealed (t) watchOS (t) developers (t) For the first time (t) radios (t) popular (t) used

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