Apple will repair defective Macbook Air 2018 for free (3 photos)

Apple will repair defective Macbook Air 2018 for free (3 photos)
Manufacturers often have to deal with the fact that a batch released into a series of supposedly high-quality products that underwent special control tests is suddenly subject to a complaint due to the failure of individual systems, components, and mechanisms.

Apple reacted to another similar incident: only last month it had to expand the MacBook laptop maintenance program with sticky keyboards (they were released in June 2018), and also agree to fix the MacBook Pro laptops for free, admitting that they had Flexgate problems . Now there was a problem with a batch of 15-inch MacBook Pro out of the threat of battery fire. Apple promised to make a free replacement and compensation for damage to all victims.

A new free warranty service program has also been opened for MacBook Air 2018 laptops. However, while it is known in which “very small number” of devices the problem with motherboards was discovered. What is the problem with the boards is also not specified, but according to the documents failures with the power supply are viewed, this is stated in several complaints from the owners. And although the program has not yet been announced, Apple has sent internal documents to its authorized service centers with information about free warranty repairs.

On the possibility of obtaining free repair at authorized Apple service centers, owners of a MacBook Air with detected problems in the motherboard will learn from the mass mailing. The program is valid for 4 years from the date of purchase of the device.

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