Apple Watch's new Watch Series 5 smartwatch (5 photos + video)

The annual presentation of Apple for several years provides for the display of an updated line of smart watches. The new Watch Series 5 introduces an advanced screen that will always be in an active, on state. An innovative material is used in the manufacture of the watch display. Autonomous work without recharging is designed for one day.

The new Watch Series 5 has received an advanced compass that determines the location of the cardinal points and is guided in a map of the starry sky. To increase the safety of users, smart watches are equipped with a function for quick calling of emergency services, which should work in any country in the world.

To give individuality to their smart watch, users will be able to pick up straps of various colors made using recycled materials, which reduces the burden on the ecology of the Earth.

In the manufacture of the case used ultralight, but durable titanium and the use of mercury is excluded. For women, a special female calendar is intended.

Apple Watch's new Watch Series 5 smartwatch (5 photos + video)
The Watch Series 5 smart watch will go on sale from September 20 at a price of $ 399, while the Watch Series 3 models will be discounted to $ 199.

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