Andy Rubin will return with an extraordinary Essential Phone

At one time, Essential Phone was pretty sensational in the market, but in the end, "the first pancake was lumpy." The product came out so disastrous that they started talking about the fact that the company abandoned the idea of ​​releasing its sequel. But it seems that skeptics rushed to write off an ambitious startup led by Andy Rubin.

Andy Rubin will return with an extraordinary Essential Phone

Insiders have intensely started talking about the release of the Essential Phone. We have no hope for the success of this product, but curiosity prevails. Especially against the background of the photos that Andy Rubin posted on the network.

Andy Rubin will return with an extraordinary Essential Phone - photo 2

A gadget codenamed GEM has been shown to a wide audience. It is assumed that it is based on the Snapdragon 730 chip and it runs on Android 10.

Essential Phone, Essential in the Hand

It seems that the company decided to experiment with the form factor of the smartphone and is preparing a device whose appearance is associated with a remote control. If the company still releases such a mobile phone, then you should forget about the comfort of working with it with one hand. Yes, and viewing content on it will be uncomfortable.

The massive block of the main camera with a single image sensor is also noteworthy. The design of the fingerprint scanner, which is made in the form of a recessed recess in the case, also looks quite controversial. The novelty will stand out with its bright palette of colors of the case.


Will the Essential Phone find a successor?

The first image of Essential Phone 2

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