A step away from a prize of $ 100,000 for refusing a smartphone

Would you be able to live a year without constant access via your smartphone to Instagram, Viber or other popular applications? And if someone suggested you get rich for 100 thousand dollars for such asceticism? New York writer Alan Mugdan accepted the challenge in the hope of receiving a substantial reward.

A step away from a prize of $ 100,000 for refusing a smartphone

Last December, Vitaminwater subsidiary Coca-Cola announced a set of volunteers among US residents who are ready to give up their smartphone for a year. If all the conditions are met strictly, the winner will receive a cash prize of $ 100,000.

The contest organizers announced that they received more than 100 thousand applications, but the choice fell on Alan Mugdan. The girl had to say goodbye to her iPhone 5s and for daily use she received a Kyocera phone. Working with a computer for the test period is not prohibited.

Only four months are left until the end of the test, after which the participant will be tested by a lie detector, which will help to find out if she adhered to the conditions of the competition.

Alan Mugdan is already announcing that she has decided not to return to using the smartphone after the test. The reason is not the desire to become addicted to the gadget. In addition, the abandonment of the smartphone allowed her to significantly advance in writing her own books.

At the same time, the participant admitted that sometimes she feels isolated and “lost” from life, because she cannot exchange photos and videos with friends, have access to friends' profiles on social networks at any time. In addition, there was a case when a smartphone with GPS would be very useful to help her navigate in an unfamiliar area.

Source: edition.cnn.com

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